Table of Contents

All my blog posts will be directly put in here. 😉 As what the title says, it’s the table of contents.. So, basically, the contents of my posts are directed in here if you are looking for something specific. 😀

The title is pretty obvious, aite? It’s my personal diary, heck. This is where i put all my rants, my thoughts, if i have something to share or whatsoever.

travels. if i go to some place that interest me. Or, my first time to go to some place. Or my first ever try on doing something, eating something. Or, whatsoever, again. Besides, exploring means to go out of your boundaries, aite?

Did I mention that I also write fanfics? hihihi~ check it out here and please leave me some comments ^_^

I’m a struggling photographer. No, not really, i just like photography. LOL. I just want to share some of my ‘works’. LOL. 🙂

This is where I will post all my fangirling. Since I have mentioned in my bio that I am an Ever Lasting Friend. And also because this is where myahem, HUBBY and I met 😛

It’s clear on the said title. LoL. These days, I’ve been watching lots of things online. Thus, when I see a scene I like, or that moved me, or maybe a scene that I have a say, I’ll do a print screen and explain it here. Hehe. Or say things I wanna say. So yeah, that’s it. 😉


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