hi there. well, just call me Rin. it’s really not my name and i just have to hide my name? hahaha. oh i dont know.  i just feel like it. You know, being mysterious for once. 🙂

im just a simple girl. with simple needs. and simple things can really make me happy.

making friends is one of my favorite things to do, yes, i love making friends. im an honest person, ask me anything, i’ll surely answer it with full honesty. ^^ well, that’s me.

i prefer to tell my online friends about the real me rather than telling it to my friends in reality since i know some of them are not real. you know, plastics, backstabbers, anything you want to call it.

if someone doesnt like me, i dont care about it. they dont like me, i dont like them also. simple as that. see? im so simple. :”>


i love to listen to musics. it’s my remedy.

i love to watch TV.

i love to watch movies.

i love to talk.

i love to laugh.

i love kids.

i love ice cream (cookies n’ cream in flavor)

i love sweets.

i love spicy foods.

i love to surf the net.

i love my family.

i love my friends.

i love my online friends.

oh, and by the way, i love SUPER JUNIOR. especially a guy named CHO KYUHYUN. 😉

i love KyuMin.

and all other pairings. 😀

you wanna know me? yes? tweet?

tweet me? yes? yay!

oh, by the way. before i forgot. im writing a KyuMin fanfiction :”D

wanna read it? yes? yes? YAY! leave me some comments. arraso?

AFF ^^

and also, i have a diary online. haha. wanna check it also? add me there too^^


and again, again. i also have a tumblr account. :”> it’s all about Super Junior. if you know them, like them, or even love them!


what else? haha. FB? oh no. that’s personal. but maybe i’ll give it when we’re now friends. :”D


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