Lately, I have been depressed. Yes, I think I am. it might not show cause I don’t show it. Actually, I don’t want to talk about this. It is a sensitive matter to me though. I act strong yet, I am weak. my heart is weakening. And no, I am not sick.

PAPA. You are my superman. You are my first love. You are the first person on the opposite sex that came to my life that I deeply care and love. I love you even though at times, we don’t understand each other. I have never been in an argument with you and I am proud of that. After all, I am a good daughter in front of him.

PAPA. You were so strict to me before. I don’t understand why. I was even angry at you because of you being strict. Thinking that you do not trust me and that I am capable of handling myself. But you were right, I can’t. I am thankful that you were strict.

PAPA. Sorry, I am not a good daughter. I have done things, unimaginable to you. I have done things I am ashamed of. I have done things, I know would make you hate me. I have done things I never thought I would do. I’m sorry if I’m a pretentious daughter. I’m sorry if I only talk to Mama about lots of things. I know I am one of your favorite child, and I’m sorry if I  don’t see  you as my favorite parent.

…and for that, please, let me make it  up to you. I love you.

your daughter,



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