Mary Stayed Out All Night (blah. blah, blah…)

Finally! I was able to finish this after a week or so? Haha! If only my mom was not hospitalized and I dont have any distractions, I could have finished this in 3 days. Hehe.

I love this! Really, it’s so fun to watch this. I love every episode of it. I should have this earlier. I was planning to watch this because of Jang GeunSeuk and Moon GeunYoung. Ahhhh, they made such a cute cute couple. It really is a must. Hehe. I love how they fight and they make up instantly. I also like how MooKyul always waits up for MaeRi to come to him. Hehe. I love them both. And also, the OST are so cool! I love all their OSTs. Planning on downloading them all. 

Since I love all the episodes, I also like the scene where JungIn and MaeRi was the running bride and groom. Haha! That was unexpected. Because I thought after JungIn said that the marriage is cancel, I thought he would say to MaeRi, “Go now.” But they both end up running away from the altar. Haha! And this drama doesnt need lots of kissing scenes because you can really feel the love between the two main actors.

I also like JaeWook’s character here. He always seems so cool. Haha! The one when he was on the dining table and was practicing how to act cool when reaching some food then MaeRi comes out and he spits out the water he was drinking. Haha! I love that scene. And also, when he has nowhere to go and had to sleep on his office. And he can’t sleep on the couch. When suddenly his assistant came by and threw away the pillow instantly. It was so cool and funny to watch. Haha!

Oh well, all in all. I really love the drama. Daebak!



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