My Heart Mourns

I just received a terrible or shall I say a tragic news. TT_TT

While I was chatting with my best friend and a new found best friend, an unnie of mine messaged me saying that Leeteuk oppa’s father and grandparents died. My happy mood suddenly went down to zero or even in negative numbers. It just so sad hearing this kind of news. Three of your family was gone in the same day. It was mentioned that it was because of a car accident. And I will believe that despite of the rumors spreading. And if the rumors were true, I will still mourn for it. 

I cried a lot last night thinking about it. I just wanna go there and hug him. Wipe away his tears, tell comforting words to him. Anything.. I feel so bad last night since I can’t even do anything since the internet is down. I can’t read some news about it. I can’t check how the other members are doing. How they are coping. This is just a sudden terrible news. I didn’t expect anything like this happening to the oppas. I just cant. The year is still starting and this kind of news isn’t bringing him happiness. 😦 😦 😦 This year is supposed to be his year since he’s going out pretty soon from his military services.

On the other side, I’m still thankful that his mom wasn’t there. He still got another parent. It will be much much worse if his mother was also there, GOD forbid. Jungsu oppa, please stay strong. You are the only man in the family now. I know you just wanna let it all out since you have been strong for the last, i don’t know how many years ago, but i know you have been acting strong for your members since you are their leader, their hyung. But for now oppa, I just wish that you will let it all out and then stand again for your mother and sister. For the members, and for the fans, the ELFs. Oppa, ELFs wont leave you no matter what. We will always, and forever be here. 



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