Okay, I don’t really know if that’s the right word to describe it. But hell, I don’t really care for now. 

My day starts of as usual. Woke up late today since I woke up at dawn to attend the dawn mass. Okay, cut the intro and let’s go to the main topic.

I saw him, my ex. And it was so so so unexpected. Like really. I was at the mall with my best friend. We were strolling the mall since we don’t have any other place to stroll and there is limited time, so yeah. When we were going to get our things in the baggage counter, there, i saw him. It was so unexpected that I don’t know how to act. Should I smile at him? Should I ignore him? What if I smiled at him but he wont smile back? Will he just ignore him because I broke his heart? These are some of the questions that run through my mind. I don’t know what to do that I end up, ignoring him. I don’t know why I did that, but I did. My heart wont calm down. And now, my conscience kept on haunting me. Why did I do that? Just why. I don’t really know why. Or maybe because I don’t really know how to face him? 

Now, should I leave him a message, saying that I’m sorry that I ignored him? Or what? I’m so confused. I don’t like the way I acted when I saw him. I know I miss him. That fact is true. The truth is, I was planning on hugging him and telling him I miss him when I would see him. But I just did the opposite. I just did. *sighs* 

What should I do? Help!


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