English – Filipino (Part One)

1. My name is Diva – Ang pangalan ko ay Diva. or

  • I’m Diva – Ako si Diva

2. I`m beautiful – Ako ay maganda
3. I love chocolate – Mahal ko ang tsokolate. LOL. This sounds funny though. 😀
4. Don`t touch me.. – Huwag mo akong hawakan.
5. I`m sorry I can`t. – Pasensya, hindi ko kaya. (?)
6. I`m hungry – Nagugutom ako.
7. This is my book. – Akin itong libro.
8. What the heck (?) xD – I think there is no Tagalog term for that. Haha. Tagalog swearing is so much harsher. ^_^ If you want to know some of those swear words. Just tell me. 🙂
9. I`m sleepy – Inaantok na ako.
10. Forgive me.. – Patawarin mo ako.
11. Good morning – Magandang umaga
12. Good afternoon – Magandang hapon
13. Good evening  – Magandang gabi
14. Good night – I don’t know about this one. LOL. i just use good night everytime.
15. Have a nice dream – This one too. ORZ
16. Have a sweet dream – This one also. OTL
17. How are you? – Kumusta ka na?
18. See you. . . – I don’t know this one. 😦 Because we usually use, ‘Sige’. But if it’s a sentence, then I can translate it to you. ^_^
19. I`m thinking about you now. – Iniisip kita ngayon.
20. I know I`m loved. – Alam kong may nagmamahal sa akin.


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