/insert RANTS here/

So yeah, yeah.. The title says it all. I’m fvcking mad right now. Like really.

Aish! Okay, first things first. If you are mad at someone or something, can you please not include us who are not included. If someone would do that to you, you think it would be fun?! Ha! I hope you can experience that. Much worse! So you will know. You’re so insensible! Fvck you! 😡

If only you aren’t pregnant, I could curse you so much. I could wish bad things that will happen to you. Bad thoughts that I wanna scream in here, but no. Since my tongue is dangerous. I dont want the baby inside you to be included in my wrath. Aish, if only, if only, if only! >_<

reason: she wants me to get water for her daughter, it was fvcking dark outside. I made my way to the kitchen and back to bedroom and then you want the hallway lights to be turned on? Are you fvcking kidding me?! Why turn on the lights when it’s not needed anymore?! The glass has a straw and a fvcking tight lid! Surely it won’t get spilled. But no, you want it on! Because you are not the one who will stumble into something, it’s me. Aish!!! I’m just so fvcking annoyed!!! 


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