A ‘Ship’ Tour

A 'Ship' Tour

So this is the one I have been talking about the last post. Well, nope. Not really the last post. But the “Japan. Japan? Japan!” post. About me being in the Navy ship. 😀 So this is the picture. Can you find where I am there? I am in the first line, on the front. And yes, I am so visible. kkk~ If you can find me, then WOW! You’re good. LOL ^_^v

So, it was on 24th of August 2013. I went there together with my sister’s hubby. Sister and daughter can’t go because no pregnant and toddlers allowed. So it’s just me and him and it was so awkward. Since my English is limited and I don’t know what to say to him or topic to be opened.

My brother-in-law really did well in touring me in the ship. Like really. He almost made me go to any room that is inside the ship. Meet new people that i forgot. And oh, by the way, this is the day where I met the guy that I have been disappointed to. If you read my last post. So yeah.

I really like the whole tour except for one thing. And that is my ‘sea sickness’. I was really annoyed by it! I slept like one hour and hell, I missed the important part of the tour. And that was the the jets being flown and doing their thing in the air. >_< I'm really pissed about it. All I have experienced is holding different kind of guns, hear the canon go off and looking into a very different binoculars I have ever seen. Yeah. That was just most of it. And oh, I also missed my lunch. Sucks!

Over all, it's a good and memorable trip! ^_^


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