What to expect when you’re expecting.


Okay, this is not a blog post about pregnancy or about the book since I haven’t been pregnant or I haven’t been able to read the book or watch the movie. There is a movie about it, right?

Oh well, right. about my reply. Disappointment. Well, it’s the truth. >_< Lemme tell you the whole story, it was last Sunday, 1st of September, there was a small get-together here in the house. Sister’s hubby invited some people that work with him in the ship. And he mention a certain name that I somehow got a crush on. I was so excited for the day to come because I can see him again. But in the end, he didn’t. It was really disappointing. Since we, sis, sis’s hubby and me, saw this certain guy in the streets and he confirmed that he will be coming. So I was really expecting for him to come but he didn’t. It really is disappointing, to think that he is in the military, and heeey, aren’t you a man with words? errrr, is that the right term? oh i don’t know. /sighs/ I really wanna cry.

And then I forgot about it again and then September 3rd came and my sister mentioned that the people that wasn’t able to come last Sunday would come. And then I got excited again and expected him to be there. But when it was almost noon, it was cancelled. Like really? I’m really not meant to see him again. And to think that I’m developing a crush on him when it was only one time I saw him. Well, except for Friday, I started to develop this crush the first time I see him. 

And yeah, it was really disappointing. That’s the reason why I don’t wanna expect. I just don’t know why i got so worked up when I heard he’s coming. Like, /sighs/


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