Japan. Japan? Japan!!

Well, I’m in Japan now for, let me say, almost two weeks(?). And i will only be posting just now because this is the first time I have touched a laptop since I came here. My laptop is broken so I can’t use it. I’m using my sister’s laptop. This, too, is broken but her hubby fixed it for her. As for my laptop, it has been on hiatus since the hubby is so busy with work. 🙂

Japan. Right, we arrived in Narita Airport by lunch(?). We were picked by my sister’s hubby’s friend, Dustin. And then we rode a train to Yokohama. It’s a two-hour travel, i guess(?). And oh, by the way, it’s also my first time to ride a train. I know, poor me. Hahaha. 😀 Right, when we arrived on Yokohama, again, we rode a train to Yokosuka, a 20-minute or so ride. And then we walked until we reach the main gate. (Note: sister’s hubby is in Navy) I don’t know how many minutes we were walking, /insert rants here/ I couldn’t care less since I’m so fvcking tired because of all the travelling and the suitcases are fvcking heavy. Dustin didn’t even help with the luggage. Like what? You are in the Navy, you are disciplined well, so you should at least be a gentleman right? Like urgh! Well, he help with the luggage from the Airport to Yokosuka train station. We were met by my sister’s friend, Kenn, and then he helped with the luggage while Dustin didn’t. Like, really? -___- /end of rants/

Okay, enough with that. So yeah, we arrived at the base and the buildings are all in the same color. Hahaha. Like, really? I thought immediately that I’ll definitely get lost in here. So far, I wasn’t lost. Haha. It’s easy to memorized the streets. Really, so so easy. I don’t even know why. Maybe because we always go the same way when we go to places. So yeah, maybe that’s one of the reason why.

I’ve been here for two weeks yet I haven’t been able to explore Japan like what I have imagined when I was back at home (Philippines). Well, I have been into the Navy ship. Like really, into it. I have ride the ship. Haha. And, I’ll tell about the details in another post since it will be in another category. hihihi.

So that’s all for now? Chao! oh, that’s wrong, i should say, sayonara mina-san! 😀


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