A Dream Come True


It was well after 7:30 in the morning when i glanced at my wristwatch. I’ve been standing here in this crowded street for as long as i remember because of the much-anticipated event ever happen here at XXX. Loads of fans, including me and my friend, June, were already queuing the roadside where the most sought after and the Kings of the Hallyu Wave, Super Junior, were supposed to make their red carpet grand entrance.

The sun was already up and the mixture of perfume and body odor permeated the air. But the supporters, fans, or what is popularly known as ELFs, disregard whatever obnoxious smell present while they chatted with acquaintances, friends and relatives. The press was also present with their equipment.

“June, i’m so tired, when will they arrive?” I complained. I expected so much from Super Junior since this is my first presence in a concert thinking that attending a concert wasn’t bad from the ones i saw in TV.

“Patience, my dear. Anyway, we’re much too early to make sure of our place. Moreover, Super Junior’s trademark is being tardy.”

I gave her an angry look. No they’re not! Maybe they just overslept, i thought.

Suddenly, dark clouds that materialized out of nowhere, started to fill the skies. Thunder exploded overhead. An occasional lightning bolt flashed across the sky. Umbrellas, newspaper and other things used to keep rain off a person started to make their appearances but proved to be in vain when a sudden downpour came.

Fans went scurrying for shelter at the nearby hotel corridor, thank God, June was fast enough to drag me inside the building. Journalists got inside their vans quickly to protect their equipment, while others were forced to stand under the leaking shelter they found, battling the rain and trying to make certain the rain wouldn’t ruin their gears.

Handkerchiefs appeared to wipe arms and faces wet with rain. Many were lamenting the ill-fated turn of events; complaints was everywhere.

“I can’t take it anymore! I’m tired and my legs are damp, my socks wet. And how must i look!” I complained again, wiping my face and arms. 

“I feel bad about the weather too, but who really cares? They’re going to be here sometime soon.” Always my dear optimistic friend June.

The heavy rain continued, almost all groaned, including me, when it was obvious that the clouds aren’t ready to stop yet.

Just as the conversations we’re starting again, screams we’re heard from afar, apparently, Super Junior, at last is near. Inevitably , fans and reporters came out of their places when three black stretch limousines came rolling by. Deafening gasps and shrieks filled the air. Everyone ran out in the heavy pouring rain. “Oh my God! They’re here!”


Super Junior’s arrival caused a tremendous pandemonium. I never imagined just seeing them can cause such an uproar! Everybody pushed every body just to get a close-up. Never mind the pain of foot stepped at, bodies banging each other, heads struck at. . . .  whatever. . . . .  the important thing is, Super Junior’s here.

“Gosh! Kyuhyun waved at me!” I don’t know how i could have heard it above the din, but i certainly did. I frantically searched the crowd for the owner at the voice but i was pushed towards the center of the road where the last car, where i suspected Cho Kyuhyun was went by.

I was dazed most of the time; pushed here and everywhere, i haven’t gotten even just a glimpse of any members of the band!

On our way to the coliseum, some fans were crying. Or were they? Was it only rain? While the heavy downpour turned to rivulets of rain. Unknown to us, the rain slowly stopped. but it was too late since we’re wet to the bones long before it decided to stop.

There was still some chatting everywhere about their impressions of whom and what they could say of who they saw. Too bad i wasn’t one of them.

When we’re at last inside the building, there’s no more space for fans after a few of our group now. It’s totally crowded in here.

After a few moments of struggling to make the fans’s way to the front, finally, after a long wait, Super Junior appeared. Lights above dimmed but a few focused on the stage. Screams started and some fans are wild with excitement. I felt the same way. I’m going to see Cho Kyuhyun once and for all!

Colored lights flashed and slowly, one by one, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, Ryeowook, Shindong, Kangin, Kyuhyun, Siwon, Henry, Yesung and Zhoumi appeared and started their way to their positions onstage. If the uproar earlier was going to be compared with the condition now, now was worst. Screaming and photo snapping worsen. Some raised posters and waved it in the air. Everyone was overly excited.

Unable to clearly see Super Junior, i tiptoed and lean on anyone just to view the boys but every time i tried, either i’m pushed or my glasses slide down on my nose or somebody would pull me, my effort was useless. The fact that i’m small in structure, the crowd was just too much for me. . . .  and June, since we’re almost the same in everything about us, may it be in size, likes or hates.

“Come on!” June mouthed, busy holding on to my wrist for me to follow her, when i looked at her the time i felt the force on my hand. I was confused. But she didn’t give me time to think about it, she just hauled me to whenever she wanted me to go with her.

Surprisingly, we arrived where June wanted us to be. In front of the stage. I was still wondering how we survived through the densely-packed crowd when Super  Junior carried on singing their songs. Singing “Sorry Sorry” and “Sexy, Free and Single”, Super Junior succeed in making our wait earlier worthwhile.

After each song, the fans went back to their wild side and started taking pictures and screaming, especially the ones here in front who wanted one of the Korean lads to look their way. The girls went wild crazy and the screams become irritatingly unbearable but i just go with the flow for me to last for a day without exploding at someone.

The sounds coming from the sound box are strongly eardrum-blasting but nobody paid any heed. Who would when the irresistible boys are in front of them? I pushed my thoughts away and tried to concentrate on what is happening in the present.

I got myself the HD camera inside my backpack. Maybe i’m behind now from the events that had happened, as what they always say, “Lady Turtle”. But i could still catch up.

Even when my whole body shivered with excitement, i tried to be calm less i pushed the wrong button. I positioned the camera, aiming only at Kyuhyun, readied my shot that took a few seconds, then, Click. Click. Click. I also aimed at the other lads, and smiled, satisfied.

The band still continued their songs to “Neorago”, “So I” and “Marry U”. Those songs managed to get the excited crowd to calm down a little, making them sway and wave their hands in the air with a smitten look. I really attempted not to look stupid but my heart swelled whenever i hear Kyuhyun’s voice. I’m so proud of him even if i’m not his mother for me to fell this way towards him. I just love that soulful voice he had. I wanted to hear them sing “Marry U” over and over again, but i know i don’t have the power to demand it from them, of course i only could do that if i pay them a million pounds for them to perform only to me. 

The lads were gesturing with their hands while singing. The following epic sounding ballad from the sub-unit Super Junior K.R.Y.  “The One I Love” shifted my thoughts to this song and waited for Kyuhyun’s turn. How i love to hear his voice. Without knowing, i was singing along with them, just like what the audience are doing. Heads turned right, then left, just like the waving hands and swaying bodies. When the song ended, it was followed by “My All Is In You”. I felt like I’ve just gotten to cloud nine.

Now here we are, back to Kyuhyun. Tall, brown-haired, brown-eyed Kyuhyun really sweeps me off my feet. Aside from his magnificent voice and physical assets, it never occurred to me what had attracted me to Kyuhyun, what does he have that the others don’t? All i know is that i seem to look at him as if he is flawless when i truly believe in the qoute, “nobody is perfect”.

The mid-tempo intro of “Boom Boom” jarred me out of my reverie. The crowd were swept to a faster tune and they swayed to the tune. The song was followed by “Super Girl”, “Go”, the up tempo “Breakdown” and “Blue Tomorrow” with ZhouMi and Henry. The uproar went on copiously.

Eunhyuk was in his easygoing mood and sometimes neared the edge of the stage. The fans went wild. But i was waiting for Kyuhyun to do the same, i bet i’ll lose my voice after this concert. However, my wish was not to be granted.

Even when i’m not facing a mirror, i know I’ve got dreamy eyes and a smile that cut my face from ear to ear. Whatever . . . .

While the jostling crowd continued i’m one not to be discouraged easily with boisterous fans and blaring speakers when my intentions were in front of me. Kyuhyun danced with ease, with an air of arrogance and his gestures indicated that he looked like he just came out of a magazine.

The throng partied on, singing along the chorus tuneful to the ear. I looked around and surprised to know that I haven’t noticed the huge hand made out of cardboard speaking of the band being the number one. It was waved high and many others were also raised.  I took a deep breath and before i could focus again on Kyuhyun, the smell of sweat, mingled with cologne coming from bodies surrounding me seemed to form a human smog. The impact of it hit me, but who would ever notice? The song came near to an end. I could still feel the unceasing flow of excitement exuding me. I went back to photographing Kyuhyun again.

When the song ended, Super Junior bowed. Does this mean that the concert had just come to an end? Oh no! I think that the crowd noticed the same thing i did. The noise abated but then, “Super Junior! Super Junior! Super Junior!” And the occasional “I love you . . .” Whomever they admired most from the group. I even heard someone’s claiming Kyuhyun to be hers. How infuriating. It seems my hearing’s turned as sharper as radar when it comes to Kyuhyun.

To end Super Junior’s showcase, they went back to their positions the song started. They start singing “Daydream”. Another of the highlights had to be Sungmin playing his guitar. Although I’ve known him from readings that he can play, well, i had to admit he’s pretty good. The crowd cheered, so do i. My camera was almost out of battery but i have to have more of Kyuhyun, either way, i won’t be buying an extra battery for my HD camera if i would be frugal.

Super Junior bowed elegantly for almost 30 seconds or more. I was intently watching Kyuhyun, devouring his every move, just can’t get enough of him considering the fact that this is what I’ve been doing since June and i got here.

Remembering my friend, i looked at my side. She was calling on to Donghae, and she also got that smitten look on her face.

I went back to watching Kyuhyun, and before they leave their position which is near me, i tried. “Kyuhyun!” I’m really shy about calling him when almost fans are calling on to the ones they preferred, but doing so just isn’t my type. Maybe it was due to my being pessimist.

I could still feel my hair plastered to my head, soggy clothes and socks. The large clique’s still going on and i could feel disappointment seep through me slowly when i realized Kyuhyun haven’t heard my call, it’s not really his fault or mine. But knowing that he even not look our way just made me dismal. Maybe he just view the crowd as one, and saw no one in particular. But of course, how stupid.

My heart leaped when i averted my eyes back to the retreating figures, Kyuhyun has just looked our way! For a fleeting second, he stopped, but then, there’s Ryeowook who’s urging him forward. Oh my golly! Maybe he’s seen me! I thought.

Don’t be dumb. What do you think of yourself, some kind of a gorgeous Miss World? There’s just too many n your way that he could have just seen someone who’s very beautiful within your vicinity.

The lads were nowhere in sight. Apparently, they’ve gone backstage to meet the press or has gone straight to their hotel or has just agreed for a brief press conference. I wondered what they’d be talking in there for the next hour?

Speaking of which, I glanced at my wristwatch and it says 2:15 in the afternoon. Well, they’d be not long with the interview since its high lunch now. I bet the boys are hungry.

The crowd slowly walked outside the coliseum, and the air that surrounded me changed. Ever so slowly, the traffic of bodies of different sizes got better.

“Oh! Will I ever forget this!” June exclaimed, with all energy.

“Did you see how gorgeous Kyuhyun really is? He’s devastating, ravishing. . . . anything!”

“If you’re not too busy with him, you could have heard deafening calls on Donghae! He’s fabulous! Just look at his eyes, and those bewitching smiles he ever deprive us, you’ll surely fall head over heels in love with him!” exclaimed June.

“Oh, but i am! Not with him anyway but with my ever dearest Kyuhyun!”

“Surely dear! I’m gonna remember this for the rest of my teenage life!”

“Me too. . . . “ I sighed and think of Kyuhyun again. Why can’t i get him out of my mind?

We went directly to our boarding house, showered and changed. It wasn’t easy on our way back. Cabs and taxis were full and the frustrating traffic wasn’t on our side. The throng of people wet to their bones because of rain seemed to forget their earlier lamentation. Everywhere, you can hear Super Junior member’s name could be heard. Each giving comments, positive and negative but more on the former. I think they didn’t mind their smell after exiting the coliseum, much less to their hair dos. The fans were really enjoying their time of their lives. Of course, me too.


After some time, June and i both agreed on having our pictures developed. We went to a store which, of course, developed pictures.

“Just thinking of him made me smile,” June said, and forked spaghetti onto her mouth. We are here inside a fast food restaurant while waiting for our pictures to be developed, June had spaghetti and i ordered fries and ice cream.

“Do it in public and risk losing handsome men,” I replied, thinking how June loved to flirt.

“Oh yeah but Donghae’s different. He’s just so damn good-looking, to say that it’s just an understatement.”

“Sure, whatever. But no one, as in like no one could ever replace Kyuhyun in his special throne in my heart. He’s the king of my heart, or may I say the ONLY one in my heart, June!”

“Too bad they didn’t include “No Other”. I would have loved it more, but it’s okay. Included or not, he was in front of me.”

“Guess fate’s not on your side since “My All is in You” was included. Oh! I really love his voice.”

“Not just eager to learn more about him. But i could say he really had good taste.”

“Of course!”

We fell silent. Reminiscing what had just happened a few hours before. I really thought that all this commotion has got something wonderfully comical about it. The first moderate downpour, people got really riled up, the next thing they drove out to the heavy rain when Super Junior rolled by. Isn’t it hilarious?

The morning turned out to be okay, more than what i bargained for. Although Super Junior didn’t really made their red carpet grand entrance, which i doubt they would since the crowd was unstoppable, their performance was worth it. To think that i can’t stop complaining about the downpour and discomfort made me smile. Until now, i even marvel at the act of elbowing our way to the front of the stage. We’re just lucky nobody pushed us or cared to argue. Fate was with us, but more likely with me.

“If i’d been a mirror, you wouldn’t like what you see.” June’s voice broke my reverie.

“Tell me.”

“You’ve got a dreamy look.” she teased.

“Maybe your interpretation’s wrong.”

“It might be but i’m positive that the vision of my two naked eyes is perfect.”

“Whatever. You done?” she nodded. We went to the store to collect the photos then we went straight back to our boarding house.

I got my journal out of my bag and started pouring all my emotions in it. I first started describing about the crowd, even to the tiniest detail, where i included fans i saw with bad taste in fashion, those who are showy, (hoped their jewelries wouldn’t be snatched) and those who are short-tempered and ill-humored. I even wrote about my annoyance of my discomfort and everything i remembered before the concert. But when i begin defining what i saw, hear, and feel inside the coliseum, i think i ran out of adjectives. From start to end of the concert, i tried to write everything even the minute of events that had happened. I attempted to describe any turn of events chronologically but sometimes i just sidetracked.

Anyway, when i finished my entry and reviewed what I’ve written, i was surprised to know that i’m biased when it comes to Kyuhyun. Almost everything I’ve written about him was positive, well, it was so because i can find him no fault, or so i believe. Maybe i refuse to see his flaws. I slept afterwards when i got nothing to do.

“What are your plans for the day?” I asked.

“Nothing in particular. Guess i have to stay here or be on my way to a tryst,” she munched her breakfast.

“You met anyone new?” I asked surprised. I didn’t know she could be that friendly. Yesterday was Super Junior’s concert, it’s possible that she could have met anybody that interests her.

“I sure did! ‘Bout you?”

“Mall. Gotta buy something.”

She shrugged. I left.


I sighed. I’m not really good in purchasing anything. My mom’s the expert. She sees any defect instantly while it took me longer. She even have good taste, knows what color that suits your complexion, what style for your figure. She would even feel for the material, what’s good and not, knows what faded easily and those that doesn’t. Mom’s just knowledgeable in anything.

Whenever i enter any department store, what attracts me the most is what i immediately buy since I’ve got least knowledge about merchandises. And i also don’t give a damn what’s best and what’s not as long as i like it.

From the Ladies’ Wear, i went to the Men’s Wear. I planned on buying baggy shirts. I rounded a corner and crashed with somebody. I staggered back. I shook my head and raised my hand, as if in silent surrender.

“Oh, sorry…” and noticed i was talking to somebody’s chest. I tilted my head upward toward his great height, and gasped. My hand flew instantly to my mouth. I stared at him, not believing anything at all, but i couldn’t be wrong! I saw him just yesterday. I could not be mistaken. Maybe my eyes are playing with visions i extremely wanted to see. I pushed my eyeglasses. That’s when i recovered my sense.

I quivered inside. I can’t believe it. But you should! Just look at him!

He smiled, and then shrugged. I swallowed, blinked many times and uttered, “I’m very sorry.”

Those brilliant brown eyes looked down at me, amusement unconcealed. He smiled and say, “It’s okay.” He was a head taller than i am but i still looked up at him, unable to move, petrified to this spot.

I opened my mouth to speak but i don’t know what line to let loose, so i closed it again. But i thought that if i won’t start a conversation, he would be on his way.

“Are you alright?” he asked. I blinked again, surprised. He asked me if i’m alright? Are you kidding?

“Oh…. but of course i am,” i shrugged, “it was no big deal.” But meeting you is the biggest deal I’ve ever encounter.

“Want to assure myself i didn’t hurt anybody.”

I nodded. What do i say? I searched my mind for anything ordinary i should say.

“Um… the concert was exceptional.” I wondered where i get that and haven’t thought about it earlier?

“Thanks. I could see we’ve caused a little fun.”

“You may not believe it but you’ve caused more than that. Haven’t you seen the expressions on your fan’s faces? They love Super Junior!”

He smiled. I think I would melt with those smiles. His eyes amazingly sparkling, his perfume entered my nostrils, his sweetly curved mouth stirred something in me.

“Thanks for the boost of confidence.”

Oh l’ll go crazy with his voice! I stepped aside, but i was still looking up at him. I don’t want to make a fool out of myself but i just can’t take my eyes off him.

“I might as well be on my way. You sure you’re alright?”

I only nodded with a smile. “Nice conversation we’ve got.” Cho Kyuhyun extended his right hand and i accepted it. We shook hands then he embraced me. I think i would explode, he patted my back, smiled then off he went. I followed him with my eyes, but then he looked back and smiled and waved.


I’m deeply sorry if this fic is a fail. -_-


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