Visa Approval

Yay! So guess what? Well, yeah. My title says it all.

2013 has been a very good year for me. I have experienced hardships but in the end, it’s all good. I’ve got lot of things that I’m so happy about. 🙂

So yeah, back to the main topic. Visa approval. Yay! To where? It’s Japan!! XD I’m really happy. Japan is the place where I wanted to visit ever since I became addicted to anime. LOL. Yes, I am somewhat addicted to anime, thanks to my best friend, Junnaberl. She even taught me some Japanese words. And I was able to learn some. Well, not fluently though since it’s just some common words. So yeah, we even have plans on going there, travelling when we grow up and have jobs. So basically, my interest in Japan is because of her. And I don’t regret anything, I’m thanking her, actually.

So yeah, it was approved on 29th of July 2013 and we got the news the very next day. I, well, we (together with my sister) was so nervous of the result. Since we don’t know if it will get approved or not. While we were in the taxi on the way to the agency, we held each others’ hand and praying that it would be approved. We arrived in the agency and my heart keeps on beating so so fast. I’m not exaggerating. It’s the truth. I can feel my heart like it wants to go out of my chest. I can’t keep still. I kept on moving. Talking, praying by myself that I really want to go. Then….

Then it’s our time to go to the counter where the news would break. They talked some, and then they gave back my passport. When the lady said….

“Please check if all the spelling is correct.” 

We (sister) look at each other. She opened my passport carefully and slowly. And then, pooof! There is this pink page on my passport! Like, really? It’s approved? I sigh a deep breathe and i feel like my heart was now calming down. I smiled to myself, no, actually, I was smiling the whole afternoon ever since.

I’m just really happy.

GOD is good, all the time. GOD hears everything. GOD knows what you want in your heart. GOD listens. Thank you GOD for listening to my prayers, almost, no, not almost, but every night. Non-stop. Thank you for letting me experience this one of a kind experience.


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